Summary of 2019-20 Season

Hawthorne fielded FOUR softball teams in 2019-20, three in the Sun and Fun Senior Softball League and one in the Tri-County Ladies Softball League.   We had 48 players in the Sun and Fun League and 15 on the Ladyhawks for a total of 63 player participants.     That does not include the myriad of support people – managers, umpires, scorekeepers, scoreboard operators, announcers, and Dugout Café workers – who make our marvelous program possible.

These teams played a total of 99 games, 52 of them here at Hawthorne.

Our Softball teams had mixed success in 2019-20, winning 45 games and losing 58.   The best result was posted by our Division 6 team which won 17 games and lost 11, finishing 4th in the eight team division.

None of our other teams had a winning record.   The Division 3 team won 11 games while losing 16 and finished 7th in their 10 team division.   The Division 4 team posted a record of 9 wins and 18 losses, but won 3 games by forfeit when Spruce Creek was moved to a lower division in January.    They actually won 6 games “on the field”.

Our Ladyhawks started off with seven straight losses through early January, but showed tremendous improvement by winning 8 of their last 15 games and four of their last five!   They ended up with a record of 8 wins and 13 losses and finished 4th of 6 teams in their league.

The new season will be effected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.    Sun and Fun teams will play, hopefully, a regular season though some teams from other parks may not participate.    Their season begins on Tuesday, November 3.    The Ladies’ league does not intend to resume play until January (tentative.)

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