If you are a regular visitor to hawthornesoftball.org, you know we’ve been on and off the web twice in the last 12 months.    This website is only 4 years old; the Softball Club and teams date back to the early 2000’s.    For three years our website ran smoothly.

Here’s what happened.

To appear on you computer, our website need three elements.

First – we need a “domain name”.   That is the address you enter into your computer to view our website.   For us it’s hawthornesoftball.org.      While it’s possible to get a domain name for free, we chose to “register” ours so no one else can use it.     For that, we pay a small annual fee.

Second – we need a website editor.    This is a computer program that allows someone to create the website.    This involves making a structure (the homepage and the menus) and writing “content” (words, photos, and tables you can look at within the website.)   That’s what you get when you type in “hawthornesoftball.org”.

Third – we need a webhost.   This is a company that takes the website from the editor, stores it and displays the website whenever you, the website user, type in “hawthornesoftball.org.”     We pay the webhost a relatively small fee every month.

Our first problem came when the first website editor we used proved insufficient to the task.    We lost the ability to edit our website and for a few weeks, we had only a static display of our home page – menus would no longer work.

We solved that problem by changed to a NEW editor.    Of course, this required the person in charge of our website to learn an entirely new way to create structure and content.   This took some weeks, but resulted in a new and improved Hawthorne Softball Website.

Or second problem occurred near the end of last season, just as the Coronavirus Pandemic was making itself evident.     TEN of Hawthone activities’ websites stopped functioning.  One of them was ours.    Our webhost informed us that THEY had been “hacked” and malware had been inserted into our website files stored in their “servers”.

After negotiating with them for a while (longer because of the Pandemic), the Softball Club steering committee decided that the Softball Club’s best bet was to find a NEW webhost.     We’ve done this and our new Webhost will allow us to use the same editor.     We still can’t use the OLD website files (the old Webhost won’t allow us to access them unless we pay extra), but the old website can still be recreated.

A final delay was caused by the need to TRANSFER our domain name from our OLD Webhost (ipage) to our NEW Webhost (A2 Hosting).    Without this transfer, entering “hawthornesoftball.org” would still take you to the useless and VERY annoying “iPage is blocking us” page.    This transfer took a while because of security protocols required to prevent someone from “stealing” our domain name.

So, if you’re reading this on hawthornesoftball.org, we’re back up and running with a NEW editor and a NEW Webhost.

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