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The crew working on our field deserves great credit for getting it ready for the Wednesday (3/31/21) games. Games started on time despite almost 4 inches of rain overnight. And field conditions were EXCELLENT.

Hawthorne’s Division 6 team won their first game (Monday) then lost later on the same day.

Tuesday morning saw a VERY close game against top rated Stonecrest which Hawthorne lost. Since it was their second lost, they were eliminated from the tournament.


Playing their Tournament games at Holiday Village, Hawthorne’s Division 5 team continued to defy those who disparage them! After losing their opening game, they had to win ALL their games or be eliminated. Tuesday they won first game, beating Plantation . But Plantation was the SIXTH seed in the tournament and Hawthorne was the FIFTH!

Wednesday’s first game was against the Number ONE seed – Royal Highlands. For most of the game, it looked like the inevitable would happen. Royal Highlands got 10 runs in the first 5 innings and led 10-2. But Hawthorne pulled up their socks (Hey! It was hot and sweaty!) and scored 4 runs in the sixth then EXPLODED in the seventh for 8 runs. Now leading 14-10, they stopped Royal Highlands’ last inning rally, holding them to 3 runs.

Now Hawthorne had to wait while Royal Highlands played Number TWO seed, Holiday Village, to see who would get to crush the upstart fifth seed in the final game of the day.

Holiday Village won that honor (???).

But Hawthorne had a surprise waiting! That 8 run finish in the first game wasn’t a fluke!

Both teams scored 5 runs in the first inning. Hawthorne, though, got SIX in the second (on John Watts’ two run “over the fence” homerun.) That wasn’t the end of it. Hawthorne got 5 runs in the third and 5 runs in the fourth to take a 21 to 8 lead. Powerhouse Holiday Village, the host team of the tournament, wasn’t about to ride off into the sunset. They got 7 in the fifth inning and 4 more in the 6th. Fortunately, Hawthorne kept scoring – 2 runs in the 5th and 2 runs in the 6th to hold a 25 to 19 lead. Then they did it again – powering a 5 run 7th inning for 30 runs. With the last at bat, Holiday Village managed only 1 run. A most surprising 30-20 win for Hawthorne.

Here’s the line score:

Holiday Village510274120

In the division finals, Hawthorne just couldn’t get past Rec Plantation. In an unbelievably close game, Hawthorne went into the last inning trailing 14-9. They rose to the occasion, picking up 4 runs, including an “over-the-fence” homerun by John Watts, his second of the tournament (Tom Green also had one today.) That closed the gap to ONE RUN. Unfortunately, the tying run was thrown out at third base and the game and tournament was over.

Here’s the line score for the final game.

Rec Plantation511502x14

Hawthorne finished a respectable second place in the tournament. Not bad for the fifth seed out of six teams.

Tournament Game Scores for Division 5

  • Game 1 (Monday) Rec Plantation 16 and Hawthorne 6
  • Game 2 (Tuesday) Hawthorne 12 and Plantation 4
  • Game 3 (Wednesday) Hawthorne 14 and Royal Highlands 13
  • Game 4 (Wednesday) Hawthorne 30 and Holiday Village 20
  • Game 5 (Thursday) Recreation Plantation 14 and Hawthorne 13.

Tournament Game Scores for Division 6

  • Game 1 (Monday) Hawthorne 11 and Pennbrooke 10
  • Game 2 (Monday) Spruce Creek 11 and Hawthorne 7
  • Game 3 (Tuesday) Stonecrest 14 and Hawthorne 13


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-Jim Herbert

Senior Softball Info