Game Reports

This Week’s Games (3/16 to 3/19/21)


Division 3 at Plantation

Plantation 17 and Hawthorne 2 (6 innings by mercy rule)

Held to 13 hits, Hawthorne’s Division 3 team took it on the chin at Plantation.   The game lasted 6 innings, during which Hawthorne scored a run in the third and a run in the 5th.    By then Plantation had a too big a lead.

John Krause had a 3 for 3 day and Don Hartig had 2 hits in 3 attempts.    No other player had more than one hit.     Greg Willman had the only extra base hit, a double.   He drove in one of Hawthorne’s runs and Sonny Scott drove in the other.

Division 5 at Stonecrest

Hawthorne 15 and Stonecrest 0 (5 innings by mercy rule)

Hawthorne’s Division 5 team has played well this season but suffered a lot of heart breaking one-run losses.   But TODAY they put it all together; great defense (they allowed Stonecrest only a hand-full of hits in the shutout win while making NO FIELDING ERRORS) and great offense (batted .700, had two doubles and two triples, and had 5-run innings in each of their last two at bats.

Tom Green led the team’s batters with a 3 for 3 day.   John Watts, Howard Morgan, Roddy Blackman, and Bob East were all 2 for 2 and Bill Bibler, Larry Auer, and Mike Fisher were all 2 for 3.    John Watts and Rich Uzzilia hit triples.   Rich Morgan and Mike Fisher hit doubles.

Division 6 at Pennbrooke

Hawthorne 13 and Pennbrooke 12

Hawthorne’s Division 6 team took a comfortable 10-2 lead through 4 innings.   Perhaps, it was TOO comfortable.   Pennbrooke came storming back with three consecutive 3-run innings to pull within 2 runs of the visitor’s lead.     Fortunately for Hawthorne, the home team only managed ONE run in their last at bat.

Dave Paradise had a 3 for 3 day with a double (Hawthorne’s only extra base hit) and a walk.   Dave Bowers and John Perez went 3 for 4 and Nick Kissling went 3 for 5.    Mike Kelley’s pair of hits drove in three runs to lead the team in that category.


Ladyhawks at Plantation

Hawthorne 15 and Plantation 1 (6 innings)

Hawthorne’s Ladyhawks dominated Plantation on their home field.   Scoring in 5 out of 6 innings, the Ladyhawks ran up 6 runs before Plantation got 1.   And that one run was IT for the home team while the visiting Hawthorne team scored 9 more runs before the game was ended.

Eleven walks were given up by Plantation.  

Peg Garza went 2 for 2 with 2 walks.     And Kathy Watts went 2 for 2 with 1 walk.   Debbie Patrick had the most hits for the Ladyhawks, going 3 for 4.   Theresa Porter was 2 for 3 (and a walk).   Patty Gualandi was 2 for 4, as was Renee Topolski.   Renee had the only extra base hit by Hawthorne, a sixth inning triple.     Nine players drove in runs, so it was, truly, a team win.


Division 3 vs. Del Webb

Del Webb 17 and Hawthorne 11

Hawthorne’s Division 3 team’s offense kept starting and stopping.   After scoring 4 runs in the first inning, they only scored in odd innings, punctuating brief rallies with one or two hit even innings.   Meanwhile, Del Webb kept scoring!

Bob Goodwin had an excellent 4 for 4 day.   Wayne Hoffman and Don Hartig had 3 for 4 games.   Don’s pair of 2-run doubles kept the home team in the game.    Bruce DeBouvre’s 2-run double in the first helped the team get off to it’s good start.    Lenny Garza had a double in the very last inning.

Division 5 at Legacy

Hawthorne 22 and Legacy 10

Four 5-run innings, 20 runs!   And that was by the end of the fifth inning.    In the whole game, home team Legacy only managed half of that.

Lots of hits in this game by Hawthorne (30, 7 for extra bases.)

John Watts was 4 for 4, including a triple and drove in 5 runs.   Rich Morgan was 4 for 5, including a double and drove in 4 runs.  Bill Bibler was 4 for 5, including an inside the park home run and drove in 3 runs.  Roddy Blackburn and Bob East both had 3 hits on the day.   Roddy had a double and Bob had a triple.   Tom Green, Howard Morgan, and Rick Levasseur were 2 for 3.   Howard had a double as did Larry Auer.

Division 6 at Holiday Village

Hawthorne 21 and Holiday Village 9

Singles and walks – lots of them – that’s an easy way to win a ball game.   Hawthorne’s Division 6 team did just that against Holiday Village – 26 singles and 9 walks for 21 runs.    (Just for the sake of accuracy, there were TWO triples, as well.)

Hawthorne went out to a quick 11 to 1  lead before Holiday Village woke up in the fifth and scored 8 runs in the next two innings.   But the outcome was never in doubt since Hawthorne scored 4 more runs then capped the game off with a 6 run rally in their last at bat.

Mike Maxwell went 4 for 4, scoring each time he go on base.   Ron Brink and Dave Paradise went 3 for 4.   Winning pitcher Chuck D’Hondt went 3 for 5 as did Dave Bowers.      Nick Kissling and Butch Lichtenberger each hit triples.

Previous Week’s Games (3/9 to 3/13/21)


Division 3 vs. Sunlake

Sunlake 19 and Hawthorne 10

After a slow start and behind badly, Hawthorne’s Division 3 team picked up the pace with a 5 run fourth inning.   They scored regularly after that but not often enough to threaten Division leading Sunlake’s lead.

Don Hartig went 3 for 4, driving in a pair of runs and John Krause provided the team with power, hitting a double in the fourth inning and a two run, over the fence homerun in the fifth.   He drove in three runs.

Bob Goodwin went 3 for 4 on the day with two RBI’s and Wayne Hoffman went 3 for 5.   Ron Reid also had 3 hits.

Division 5 vs. Del Webb

Del Webb 18 vs. Hawthorne 14

As usual when they play each other, Del Webb and Hawthorne’s Division 5 teams scored lots of runs and were neck and neck (15-14) at the end of seven innings.  

Hawthorne got off to a good start, scoring 10 runs in the first 4 innings against Del Webb’s 6.   Del Webb fought back with a 4 run fifth.   Hawthorne’s one run in that inning meant they still led 11-10.     But Del Webb hung up a 5 run seventh and finished with another 3 in their last at bat.   Hawthorne only managed 3 runs in their last three at-bats.

Rich Morgan had 4 hits in as many tries including a triple in the seventh.     Rich Uzzilia had a hit and at least one RBI every time he came to the plate (3 singles, a double, for 5 RBI’s)    John Watts went 3 for 3 with a solo homerun.

Bob East went 3 for 4 with a double as did Larry Auer.

Division 6 vs. Sunlake

Hawthorne 16 and Sunlake 6

This was an easy win for Hawthorne’s Division 6 team.   Taking a commanding 13 to 0 lead after 4 innings, the slowed down (to 3 runs in the last half of the game) and “let” Sunlake get a 4 run fifth inning.   Sunlake push across 1 run in each of their last two at bats.

Lots of hitting in this game.   Hawthorne had 25 hits, three of them for extra bases.

Ron Brink, Mike Maxwell, and Terry Stevenson each had three singles in as many plate appearances.   Nick Kissling, Dave Bowers, Johnny Shelton, Dave Paradise, John Perez, and Mike Kelley each had two hits.

Nick Kissling had a “full” day – a triple, an inside-the-park homerun, a walk, a strikeout, two RBI’s and two runs scored – using almost every abbreviation available to the scorekeeper.   Plus, he got thrown out at home in the 3rd inning.

Johnny Shelton had the other extra base hit, a double in the first inning.


Ladyhawks vs. Water Oak

Hawthorne 6 and Water Oak 5

In a closely contested game, Hawthorne took an early lead but Water Oak made it a tie game after four innings.    Water Oak took a brief lead with 3 runs in the 6th, but Hawthorne tied it up in the next inning (5 to 5) and scored the walk off win with a run in the bottom of the eighth.

Rene Topolski had 3 hits in 3 at-bats, hit an inside the park home run and drove in two runs.    Beth Morely had a pair of hits as did winning pitcher Sharon Fisher and lead off hitter Stacy Chavez.   Theresa Porter drove in two runs.


Division 3 vs. Del Webb

Hawthorne 15 and Del Webb 12

After falling behind early, Hawthorne’s Division 3 team clawed back against a tough hitting visiting Del Web team.   The home team never scored more than 3 runs in any inning, but they DID score in every inning but one.    End result was a nice win, bring the team within one win of a .500 season.

Don Hartig and Bruce DeBouvre lead the team, both going 3 for 4.   Don had a single, a double, and a triple.   Nine players had two hits with Tony Mellring, John Krause, Jim Bright, and Greg Willman doing it in three plate appearences.    Tony had a triple as did Terry Rozier.

It was a nice team win as 8 of the 13 batters drove in runs.   Terry led in this category with 3 RBI’s.

Division 5 at Stonecrest

Stonecrest 17 and Hawthorne 12

After a slow start at Stonecrest (trailing 6-5 half way through the game), Hawthorne powered out a 5-run innng in the fifth to, briefly, take the lead, 10-9.    But Stonecrest kept scoring runs (3 in the sixth and 5 in the seventh) while Hawthorne managed only 2 runs in their last 3 at bats.

Bill Bibler led the team with a 4 for 4 day, including a triple and FOUR RBI’s.    Rich Uzzilia also went 4 for 4 and Jim Herbert was 3 for 3 plus a walk.    Tom Green went 3 for 4 with 3 RBI’s.

Howard Morgan had a 2-run triple in the 5-run fifth and Larry Auer had a double.

Division 6 vs. Water Oak

Water Oak 12 and Hawthorne 9

Off to a great start, Hawthorne’s Division 6 team let this game slip away from them.    After scoring three first inning runs on four consecutive hits, three of them doubles,  Hawthorne failed to keep the hitting going.   Meanwhile, Water Oak, starting off terribly with three consecutive scoreless innngs but was able to come back, outscoring Hawthorne 7 to 2 in the fourth and fifth innings.   So it was 7 to 7 after five innings.   Then, in the seventh, Water Oak broke the game open with a 5-run inning.   Hawthorne’s pair of runs in their last two at bats were not enough to overcome this.

Bill Jones was two for two with a single, a double, and a walk.   Dave Bowers, Mark Baierlipp, Johnny Shelton, Joe Tierney, John Perez, and Terry Stevenson all had two hit days.    Dave and John had doubles.   Mark and Terry each drove in two runs.   Nick Kissling had the first of three consecutive doubles in the first inning.


Ladyhawks at Summer Glen

Summer Glen 4 and Hawthorne 1

Going to an away game at Summer Glen is a long drive.    Having to play a team that is undefeated (17 wins) and averages 13 runs a game is daunting.    But Hawthorne’s Ladyhawks, whose season is almost at an end, did everything they could to beat this team.

They held them to only 4 runs!    Unfortunately, Summer Glen not only scores lots of runs, they are fiercey parsimonious in giving up runs (they rarely allow more than 3 runs in a game).   Their defense stiffled Hawthorne’s batters, allowing only 9 hits, none of them for extra bases.

Stacy Chavez and Marcia Sigley each had two hits.   Five other players had one hit each.    Pam Trignano had the Ladyhawks only RBI.

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