Notes on Player Statistics

A batter who reaches base while another runner was forced out is charged with hitting into a “fielder’s choice” (FC).    It does NOT count as a hit.

A batter who reaches base because an opposing team’s player makes an error does NOT receive credit for a “hit”.  Note: this is the SCOREKEEPER’S decision.

Sac (Sacrifice) occurs when a player DRIVES IN A RUN by hitting a fly ball that is caught.  The runner must “tag up”.   A Sac does NOT count as an AT BAT in calculations.

Walks (Bases on Balls – BB) do not count as either at-bats or hits.

OBP (On Base Percentage) is a player’s BATTING AVERAGE when walks (“BB” or base on balls) and “reached on an error” are included as hits.    In this calculation, walks ARE counted as at-bats.

All Hawthorne Sun and Fun team statistics are based on scorebook pages turned in by the manager.   Each manager provides a “scorekeeper” for his team.   Don’t blame me for errors (but let me know and I’ll correct them.) – Jim Herbert

Senior Softball Info